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  • Deferred City Fees Due to COVID-19 
  • Requested New Pilot Program for Traffic Calming
  • Requested Sidewalk Repair Policy Review
  • Rolled Back Parking Rates 
  • Outdoor Business Sales Approved
  • Outdoor Dining Approved 
  • Re-Allocated Funding to Parks, Recreation, Libraries, and Youth Programs
  • Sanborn Road Repairs (Fall 2020)
  • 14 More Streets Slurry Sealed in District 1
  • Moratorium on Evictions Due to COVID-19
  • Requested MOU w/County of Monterey to relocate Skate Park
  • Requested Dog Park Shade and Maintenance (Natividad Creek Park)


  • Alisal Vibrancy Plan
  • Side-Yard Parking
  • Residential Blight Ordinance
  • Multiple Response Ordinance
  • Noise Ordinance
  • Street Racing Ordinance
  • No-Fault Eviction Ordinance
  • Froze TFO (Traffic Impact Fees) and re-evaluate them through Finance Committee.
  • Updated Preferred Purchasing Policy to ensure environmentally safe products are being used by the City.
  • E. Laurel Sidewalk (Between Sanborn Road and Constitution Blvd.  Construction in 2020)
  • Grant for bicycle and skateboard racks for Soccer Field Complex.
  • $250,000 in matching funds from County of Monterey for Soccer Field Complex. 
  • Parks Master Plan
    • Addressed deferred maintenance of all City Parks (-$176 Million) 
    • Requested adoption of Parks Standards throughout City
      •  Natividad Creek Park (Restroom Remodel, Maintenance of Trees/Creek, Graffiti in Skate Park)
  • Proposed Skate Park "Graffiti Art" to be vetted through Arts Commission


  • Pavement Management System
    • Nearly 50% of the roadways in District 1 have been slurry sealed to help maintain their current state and prevent future deterioration.
    • More streets are slated for repair in 2020.
  • Developed Young Councilmember Program for District 1
  • 63% Reduction in crime city wide
  • Approval of Boronda Road widening project (Slated to start in 2020)
  • Inclusionary Housing Ordinance
  • Soccer Field MOU w/ County of Monterey ($25 Million Dollar Project.  Construction to start in 2019.)
  • Approval of Traffic Signals / Roundabouts
    • Traffic Signal E. Laurel Drive and Saint Edwards ($1 Million)
    • Traffic Signal East Las Casitas and Constitution Blvd. ($1.4 Million)
    • Roundabout Sanborn Road and Boronda Road ($1 Million)
    • Traffic Signal Improvement Sanborn Road and Freedom Blvd. ($1 Million)
  • Natividad Park Clean-up of Homeless Encampments ($250,000)
  • Addressed Public Safety Concerns Atlantic Street, Del Monte Blvd., and Garner Ave.
  • Approved parking enforcement city wide to address neighborhood parking issues.
  • Repealed City Ordinance that charged for Fire Department response to medical emergencies.
  • Retained $12.5 Million in grants w/ County of Monterey to address homelessness.


  • Welcoming City Resolution
  • #MeToo Resolution

Scott Davis for Salinas City Council 2020, FPPC# 1382857
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